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We have a variety of ministries for you to explore. Join us in the ministries that match your interest and spiritual gifts. You can make a difference in someone else's life... and your own.


We have several young families with babies in our church. This ministry enables you to help parents focus on learning the Word of God. If you'd like to serve in our nursery, contact nursery and preschooler coordinator Debbie Lyon. Children are our future!


We have some energetic children in our church who are eager to learn about God! This ministry presents the opportunity to be a part of these children's future by teaching them the Word of God. We have Bible stories, snacks, crafts, and singing. Interested in becoming a helper? Contact children's church leader Vickie Gurney or Chrissy Kirkman.

Image by Patrick Buck


Our growing youth ministry is led by Annie Lang who helps our teens strengthen their relationship with the Lord. On Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, they explore the Bible at a much deeper level. And be sure to look for our special youth weekends!


When God moves, it brings life. Our desire is to worship in such a way it will create opportunities for people to encounter God in a mighty way and encourage praise to our Heavenly Father! If you have the same desire and want to use your God-given talent as a vocalist or musician during a Sunday morning worship service, contact worship leader Chrissy Kirkman to schedule special music.


Serve in our worship ministry as a greeter, usher, scripture reader, or one who offers prayer.


A card in the mail can lift a person's spirit. This ministry is responsible for sending welcome, birthday, get well, and thinking of you cards. People with organizational skills may find correspondence to be the place for them.


Our hospitality ministry members oversee church dinners, potlucks, and our 'Cup of Love' meal ministry. If you have organizational or food preparation skills, this ministry may be the one for you.

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