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Hi there! I'd like to welcome you to Cross Creek Baptist. Our church has been serving the Grain Valley, Missouri area since 1998. At Cross Creek, we provide a place for people to establish vital connections. Not just with a group of loving, compassionate church members, but a connection to Jesus that brings healing, understanding, and peace of mind for you, your family, or situation.

Bible scripture teaches that God has a purpose and plan for every life He creates. His promises say that if you operate in His purpose for your life, He guarantees you to be a success! Now I like that, how about you?

At Cross Creek, we help you reach that success by providing Spirit-filled Biblical instruction through classes, seminars, and worship services designed to guide adults, youth, and children into God's purposes.

Maybe you do not have a church home, or maybe you haven't attended church for a while. Whatever the case, I'd like to personally invite you to Cross Creek. My hope is you'll not just come to "visit", but you'll soon join our journey of discovering empowered Christian living.

I know it's a bold move to try out a new church. But come as you are! If you have any questions, need prayer, or would like to know more about our fellowship, please visit our web site and join our online community.

And, as you consider a decision to come, just think about your life today. And consider what good things could happen if you make a decision to stand up, step out, and step into grace.

Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Ray

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