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  Morning Bible Study/Live Stream - 10 AM


  Morning Devotion/Live Stream - 9 AM

Supper - 6 PM
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  Morning Devotion/Live Stream - 9 AM

Sermon Series: Where Has God Shown Up?

God is always at work around us; are we intentional to acknowledge, thank, and praise Him for it?  During our Sunday morning worship service, Pastor Ray will lead us to become more aware of where God is showing up in our lives with our 2021 focus 'Where Has God Shown Up?'

Wednesday Study: Make Room - Greg Surratt

We all know (or should know) we can't make God move, but we can make room for God to move. We can create space and invite God to work. We can open the door and invite Him in. Can you imagine what God might do if we did this as church, if you did this as a small group, or if you decided to walk it out personally? We would take ground in the Kingdom! Lives would be changed! Our community would be transformed!  Wednesday nights at 7 PM (also via live stream).

Overcoming Emotions That Destroy

Our Monday morning study is 'Overcoming Emotions That Destroy: Practical Help for Those Angry Feelings That Ruin Relationships' by Chip Ingram & Dr. Becca Johnson.  It's a good one and we ALL need help with this.  You are welcome to attend class in person or watch at 10 AM on our live stream!


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