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Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9 AM
Sunday Worship: 10 AM

Wednesday Night Supper: 6 PM
Wednesday Night Study & Prayer
(Adult, Youth, & Children): 7 PM

"Are We Living the Book of Daniel?"

February 12, 2020


Pastor Ray has a new sermon series call “Are We Living the Book of Daniel in America Today?” Why would we need to go to an Old Testament Book today to study a book that spans thousands of years and predicted the rise and fall of great empires. The question might be how much longer will America be a blessed nation: Join us as we unleash the hidden treasures of this important book.


March 18, 2020

The men will have their annual fish fry on March 18th for the Wednesday night meal. They are offering some fresh caught fish this year along with the catfish filets that are cooked to a golden perfection.    

December 02, 2019

If the weather is inclement on Sundays or Wednesdays, please check Cross Creek's Facebook page and One Call notifications, (if you're set up to receive them).  When Oak Grove School District is closed, Cross Creek will not have service.

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